I was lucky enough to get a pair of these nice Adidas X HYPEBEAST collaboration for Hypebeast's 10th anniversary.   These were registered only to purchase and thankfully my name got picked to grab 1 pair of these level 5, super comfort shoes.   If you haven't tried a pair of Ultra Boost yet, you should!  They're are Keenu Reeves "Walk in the Clouds" type comfort and probably the best daily shoes you can purchase.   

Below is an image I shot of my new favorite pair of sneakers.


Last Friday my friend Paulina and David came by to my office and caught me in the middle of my regular daily routine of crunching numbers with my old friend the 10 key.  They wanted to do a photo-shoot for themselves but they needed a location to go too.  I told them about this location and of course, being a first nature photographer and office, I always have a camera with me.  I brought my Fujifilm X100s and did a quick shoot before I went back to my office.  These are some of the results of that quick improvise photo-shoot.