I had a chance to visit NYC this year with my friend and sister from another mother, Vivian Sachs.  We went and visited places I haven't had a chance to check out from the last time I visited NYC a few years back.  We bump into old friends and met new ones in a bar that I can only describe as a scene from the show Cheers.  Except in this scene, it involved a lot of empanadas delivered by a guy riding a bicycle.  Definitely a memorable trip and hope to see NYC more often this time around.

I thought I share some of the imagery I found while walking around NYC and the mood that it brought me throughout the trip.  Hope you enjoy them!

Mega of Black Scale

Brooklyn Bridge

Alfred of Black Scale NYC

Hannah owner of Nineteen Pieces and Anna Sian  from Staple Pigeon

From left to right: Mike Baker, Mega, Vivian, Grammer, Chris, Hannah, Vince, Nico.


California x Hawaii X New York City