Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day.   This year flew so fast and it's been a blessing for all of my friends and family.   We all have a lot to be thankful for. For one, we're alive and have a roof on our head.  Life can be devastating when you surround yourself with work all the time but sometimes it's great to just break free from the office life.  After Thanksgiving, my family and I, decided to go to Downtown San Jose to check out Christmas in the Park.  It was cold but the girls forgot that they were wearing several layers  of clothing due to the distracting fun that they were having.  The next morning my ladies couldn't wait to put up the tree and started decorating for Christmas.  It was an awesome break, and I can't wait to share the more updates during the Holidays. 


Last Friday my friend Paulina and David came by to my office and caught me in the middle of my regular daily routine of crunching numbers with my old friend the 10 key.  They wanted to do a photo-shoot for themselves but they needed a location to go too.  I told them about this location and of course, being a first nature photographer and office, I always have a camera with me.  I brought my Fujifilm X100s and did a quick shoot before I went back to my office.  These are some of the results of that quick improvise photo-shoot.


Recently my colleagues and I at Darkside of the Moon Photography and Design had a chance to work with Loopd, a new approached to marketing and analytics. Loopd asked for our services to provide them with product images and lifestyle photos for advertising and their website layout.  We were very fortunate to work with the team at Loopd and have met their CEO,Brian Friendman and Head Biz Development, Stephan Korner. 

Check out Loopd Analytics for more information about their technology.

Photography: John Agcaoili
Production Assistant: Mark Sebastian
Grip: Jon Ugto
Prodcution Assistant and Stylist: Mark Chua

Examples of our final images shown below: