I haven't seen my nieces in over 20 years and recently they visited San Francisco for a small vacation.  I had a chance to catch up with them for a day and one of the things they wanted to experience is the sunrise in San Francisco.  I contacted a few of my friends who had better intell in these types of location and I was suggested to visit Mt. Davidson.  The location delivered and went beyond our expectation.  It was better than going to Golden Gate bridge and be surrounded by other tourist.  The location serves a great purpose for meditation, talks and of course images of the sunrise. 


Last Friday my friend Paulina and David came by to my office and caught me in the middle of my regular daily routine of crunching numbers with my old friend the 10 key.  They wanted to do a photo-shoot for themselves but they needed a location to go too.  I told them about this location and of course, being a first nature photographer and office, I always have a camera with me.  I brought my Fujifilm X100s and did a quick shoot before I went back to my office.  These are some of the results of that quick improvise photo-shoot.


Briefly visited the Sutro Bath in San Francisco last Friday.  My wife and I wanted to hang out around San Francisco for our 17th wedding anniversary.  We didn't really get a chance to thoroughly explore the area since the sun was setting and it was close to getting dark.  Maybe the next time I'll visit the area, I could provide you with more images.  Nonetheless the area was magnificent and a great place to watch the sunset.